Priority rebooking starts today

Priority rebooking has now started for all gymnasts who are in one of our recreation classes. If your child wishes to continue for the next block you must register before your child’s class starts on week 7.

We are currently on week 6 (which started from  06/10/18), all parents/guardians have a 2 week period, weeks 6 & 7, in which they can pay the fees for the next block and secure their child’s space.

Please note all payments must be made by either cash or cheque as we do not have a card facility. If you are unable to come into the centre you can always post us a cheque, with the details of your child’s class attached. All cheques are to be made payable to CMIG.

Failure to pay the fees within the priority rebooking period means your child will be at risk of losing their space on their current class. However if you get in touch we may be able to find your child a space in their current class or elsewhere.

For any enquiries regarding rebooking please email, call or see a member of staff at the reception desk.

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