Mabelle qualifies for the British Championships

This past weekend was a very important one for our very own Mabelle Dawson. Mabelle competed her compulsory level 1 at Lilleshall on Saturday, and the pressure was on.

Mabelle has been through years of hard work to reach this stage completing Compulsory levels 5,4, 3 and 2 prior to this. The Compulsory level 1 competiton enables gymnasts to qualify to the British Championships later this year, and so the nerves were even higher than usual.

Mabelle’s team mates were all behind her, sending masses of good luck wishes before the weekend began.

Mabelle started the competition on beam, which is a very difficult piece to start on usually, and even more so when you’re nervous. But Mabelle managed to keep it all together and performed a beautiful routine to start her off well.
It was a long day, so to stay focused and to keep the nerves under control was a challenge, but she handled it all very professionally. Her final piece was bars and both Mabelle and her coach, Miss Jacks, were very aware of the score she needed to pass. She was very determined and focused and even when she made a mistake made sure she finished the routine strong as the main goal in her mind was to qualify to the British championships.
Mabelle finished 9th overall and an incredible 2nd on range and conditioning nationally. She’s now completed her elite grades pathway and moves on to working the FIG programme full time which means lots of new and exciting skills to learn!