Successful Outing at the Men’s North West 2 Piece Championships

A massive well done to all of our young boys who competed on Sunday 11th June 2017 at the North West 2 Piece Championships in Wigan.

We had 18 boys taking part with 12 boys attaining Distinction and a GOLD medal for scoring above 90%, 5 boys achieving a Merit and SILVER medal for scoring over 80%, and 1 boy scoring just under 80% and achieving a pass. Brilliant results, great work guys

Level 1

Kieran Mulroy GOLD
Ashton Mgambo GOLD
Jayden McCarthy GOLD
Adrian Lorenzo SILVER
Thomas Hughes SILVER

Level 2

Mfonisoeti Benson GOLD
Theos McEvatt GOLD
Oscar Sudberry GOLD
Rensley Happy GOLD
Jack Farrell GOLD
Amir Zeharaoui GOLD
Lucas Morris SILVER

Level 3

Kallan Lister-Short GOLD
Harry Nicolson GOLD
Oscar Jellyman GOLD

Level 4

Thomas Warren PASS

Level 5

Josias Djonga SILVER

Level 6

Thierry Chambers SILVER