What do our gymnasts LOVE about CMIG?

With it being Valentine’s Day we’ve been asking a small selection of our recreation gymnasts about what they absolutely LOVE doing in their classes!

Emiko Lam
Emiko is in our Foundation class on a Wednesday afternoon, coached by John. Out of all of the gymnastics skills she has learnt so far, her favourite is a bridge. She said: “I like doing bridges because they’re easy and I like being upside down. Everything looks funny upside down!”

Dhilan Sastry
Dhilan is also in our Foundation level and he loves running, doing forward rolls, and going on the trampoline. Dhilan said the reason he likes going on the trampoline is because: “I really enjoy bouncing and when I land on the trampoline [in a seat drop] I find it calming and relaxing.”

Grace Blunt
Grace is one of our Advanced level gymnasts, being coached by Chelsey on a Friday evening. Grace is currently working towards her badge 1. When asked what her favourite thing to do in the gym was, she said: “I love doing headstands because I like being upside down!” 

Armani Murray
Armani is another one of our Advanced gymnasts, training on a Wednesday evening with Julie. Armani has really enjoyed and seen the benefit of our set up with the red block for learning hurdle step round off. After much practice she has achieved her round off and this is one of her favourite skills.

Zachary McConnell
Zach is one of our High Flyer gymnasts. By reaching this level Zach has acquired many gymnastics skills and his favourite one is a back somersault. He said: “It’s a fun move to do and I enjoy being upside down. It’s a great move to impress my friends with when I’m in the gym.”

Scarlett Langton
Scarlett is another one of our High Flyer level gymnasts, training on a Friday evening. Scarlett’s favourite skill is doing the splits, she said: “It’s a skill I really enjoy practising because it feels weird having one leg forward and the other backward!”

Grace Singleton
Grace trains in one of our High Flyer classes coached by Sophie. Grace loves doing free cartwheels because: “It was a difficult skill to learn, so it was a big achievement when I finally got it.”

It’s clear to see that our recreation children are head over heels for gymnastics!

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