25% More Gymnastics in our Foundation classes for FREE!

We’ve got exciting news!

As part of our #teamcmig ethos to be the best gymnastics club ever we’ve added 15 minutes to EVERY foundation class!! That’s 25% extra completely FREE!!

All of our Foundation classes are now 1 hour and 15 minutes long meaning more gymnastics, more learning, more FUN!

We want to provide the highest quality of classes possible and the best opportunities for our members to become the greatest gymnasts they can be. Our expert coaching team love being able to help all of our Foundation level gymnasts learn and participate in this fantastic sport and are delighted that they will have even more time to do this. Come and join our #teamcmig to give your child a unique gymnastics opportunity #alwaysimproving

All our current Foundation members will automatically benefit from this free addition.

If you are thinking of getting involved in gymnastics and want to be part of our dynamic and exciting classes simply contact us now.

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