Elliott jets off to Germany for Bundesliga 2019

Please join us in wishing the best of luck to Elliott as he goes to compete in the German Bundesliga 2019.

The Bundesliga is a championship league in Germany of the highest level of gymnastics, Bundesliga literally translates as “Federal League”. The competition takes place between September and November each year. Each round consists of two teams of 15 gymnasts going head to head, with only 4 gymnasts from both groups selected to compete on each piece of apparatus.  At the end of the event whichever team achieves the highest overall score wins and proceeds to the next round. Elliott will be over in Germany for the next three (potentially four) weekends competing in different rounds of the competition.

Elliott competing at last year’s Bundesliga

This will be Elliott’s second year taking part in the league for a team called Tg Hanaurerland, which is based in Baden-Baden (in south-western Germany’s Black Forest, near the border of France). All teams in the league are only allowed two foreign gymnasts. Elliott was selected after the team scouts saw his results from the British Championships in 2017, where he qualified for the British Master’s on Rings and Parallel bars. He was asked to attend a trial, and successfully received a 2-year contract with the team.

Elliott has made great strides in the league so far by achieving top scorer in two out of three competitions last year; this helping his team get promoted into league 2 this year.

This weekend Tg Hanauerland will be taking on TV Schiltach VEGA TT. Keep an eye on our social media channels over the next couple of weeks where we’ll be following Elliott’s progress.

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